Donn Zver School of Pottery

Donn Zver Pottery
2290 Hwy 5 West
Troy, ON L0R 2B0

The Donn Zver School of Pottery opened September 2021 and will work to advance and encourage the art of Pottery in the Province of Ontario. We encourage this goal through making, training, teaching, encouraging, and inspiring people to develop their skills in the art of Pottery making. We will be offering:

The School of Pottery offers classes in both throwing on the potter's wheel as well as hand-building. We offer classes for Beginners, Intermediate level, and Advance Pottery Artists. Each course is 8 weeks long, once a week, and 3 hrs in duration. Remember, we are here for you and want to help you discover your hidden talents and creativity.

From time to time the School we will offer weekend workshops and concentration classes that will cover a specific area in pottery making such as firing techniques, glazing, and decorating. These workshops are given to further the student's knowledge of the craft of pottery making.

The Educators at the school have been selected for their dedication and vast knowledge of our craft. Each educator has his or her strengths in the craft of Pottery making and in visual arts and will guide you through your journey here at the school.

For more information please visit the School of Pottery website at:

If you wish to be on the advanced list for application to the school, please email Donn Zver at