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Main Gift & Decor
Shirley Shantz
32 Main St.
St. George ON N0E 1N0
Main Gift & Decor Shirley Shantz
Shirley Shantz has been the proud owner of Main Gift & Decor since its inception in May 2003.   Starting as a small balloon and gift boutique, the shop has grown to become the “go to” shop for customers looking for “something different”.    
Gifts and Home Decor to give and get, and as well as maintaining and  offering a balloon supply and preparation service.  Every effort is  made to keep product ideas unique and different and helping the customer with their shopping needs.
Yours to discover in the community, all in a stress free shopping environment. 

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Main Gift & Decor
St. George, ON
We have a new look and have changed our name! Our interior renovations are complete and we're still offering Balloons for the Party … Gifts for the Occasion!
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