Directory Pricing

Single Listing Pricing Plans
Basic Free Listing $0.00
The "Basic Free Listing" includes one photo, a link to your website and a basic landing page to provide contact information about your business. Your listing is positioned under your appropriate category.
For more prominent exposure that features more about your business and provides additional marketing platforms, we recommend the "Featured" Listing for $25 per month.
Featured Monthly Listing $25.00
The "Featured" Monthly" Listing includes up to 10 photos, featured premium placement on the Home page, a link to your web site, 1 video clip, a coupon to promote your products or services and a landing page to provide detailed information about your business. Our Home page perpetually refreshes with advertisers' featured listings rotating to the top of the page. This is a one year term paid monthly on a credit card. ($25 per month).
Also included with this price is 2 Event Listings to promote upcoming sales or regular events each month. Featured businesses also receive a presence on our Digital Display screens in St. George. This "Featured Listing" choice is selected by the majority of our clients as it serves their advertising needs the best.