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St. George Family Eyecare
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Where Vision Meets Style
We have glasses for every occasion, and we offer a wide selection of name brand glasses that are sure to meet your fashion needs.  Top quality products offered at a reasonable rate is our specialty.  Nikon Lenses will have you seeing clearly - choosing the right lens for your needs whether that be single vision, office, multifocal or sunglasses ... that's our priority.

We Offer A Personal Touch
Finding the right frame for your face is an important decision.  We are here for you - and are happy to help you find the perfect frame.  Getting to know our customers well helps us to know your needs and find you just the right frame. 

Your Eye Health Matters To Us
The human eye can tell so much about the overall health of the body.  Your Board-certified Doctor of Optometry will provide a thorough eye health exam in addition to finding your refraction.  We do not provide Eye Tests at our clinic, but rather a Full Eye Health Exam.  Our digital retinal camera can capture important images of the back of your eye which is an important part of your overall health and medical history.

Give us a call today at 519-448-4445 for a full eye health exam. We'd love to hear from you!

St. George Family Eyecare
Willem Bouma
23 Main St. S.
St. George ON N0E 1N0
St. George Family Eyecare Willem Bouma