St. George Wellness Centre

St. George Wellness Centre
196 Industrial Blvd.
St. George, ON N0E 1N0

Our team of natural health care professionals work together to help you achieve your wellness goals. By utilizing one or more of our therapies we can help YOU solve your health puzzle!

Why wait any longer? A pain-free life is awaiting you. Come experience what so many have already discovered and you too, can be on the road to recovery and better health. Naturally!

The main goal of this business is to ensure we have a passionate team of practitioners who place your needs and overall wellness at the highest priority. Most importantly, we hope that you feel welcome and in good hands the minute you arrive.

Our services include:
Foot Care
Massage Therapy
Acupuncture (Physio)

We hope that our clinic brings your focus back to you, and gives you a home away from home in the heart of the village.