Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions with answers. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us.
Creating & Managing Listings
How Do I Create a Listing?

You just need to contact us if you are interested in promoting your business or event.

How do I stop my listing from running?

Just contact us if you need to stop your listing from being published.

What Category Should I Put My listing In?

Choose the category and sub-category that best represents your product or service, or if there is nothing that matches your business, then contact us with your category request.  When we set up your listing we will position your business in the appropriate category. 

Pricing & Payment
How much do listings cost?

Please see our Pricing page for information about listing plans.

How Long Does a Listing Run?

Please see our Pricing page for information about listing plans.

I don't want my name, phone number or email address to appear on your site. What should I do?
Someone interested in your listing will be able to contact you via anonymous email using the "Contact Advertiser" link on the site. The email address we enter for a listing is NOT shown on the site - it is used by the site to route anonymous contact requests to your email without making your email address visible to others.
Customers should have at least one or two methods of reaching out to your business, but we can keep certain aspects of your information anonymous when we create your listing. 

What is your privacy policy?

See Privacy Policy for details.

Do I have to register to use the site?

No. You can browse and search ads without registering. If you want to create ads, you will need to contact us.